Probation/Community Supervision

[NOTE:  Case-specific information should NOT be left in the comment section below.  If you have such information, please contact the Probation Office.}   

*Donalsonville Probation Office
223 South Wiley Avenue
Donalsonville, GA 39845
Office: 229-524-2836
Fax: 229-524-2747

Perry Price, Chief Probation Officer
Tammy Beatty, Assistant Chief
Christy Murphy, Assistant Chief
Cameron Glass, CSO III, Field Training Officer, Drug Court Officer (all counties)
Autumn Williams, CSO III, Mental Health Officer (all counties) 
Angela Blackmon, CSO III, Sex Offender Officer (Terrell, Quitman, Clay and Randolph Counties)
Jennifer Godwin, CSO III, Sex Offender Officer (Early, Miller, Seminole Counties)
Tim Bell, CSO II (Miller County)
Tameka Hamilton, CSO II  (Early County)
Bob Thompson, CSO II  (Early County)
Damien Lundy, CSO II (Clay and Randolph Counties)
Jordan Newberry, CSO II (Seminole and Early Counties)
Rusty Chapman, CSO I (Randolph, Clay, Quitman and Terrell Counties)
Jennifer Brown, Account Para-Pro   (Terrell, Quitman, Clay, Randolph Counties)
Darla Dunn, Account Para-Pro  (Early, Miller, Seminole Counties) 

*The Donalsonville Probation Office oversees probation cases in the following 7 counties: Clay, Early, Miller, Quitman, Randolph, Seminole, and Terrell Counties.)

Do not leave comments, questions or case-specific information here.  You must contact the Probation Office.

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