Clerks of Superior Court

Below you will find court contact information for each County in the Pataula Judicial Circuit:

Clay County
Ms. Patricia Thornton, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 229-768-2631
Fax: 229-768-3047
210 Washington Street S, Suite 3
Fort Gaines, GA 39851

Click here for Clay_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

Early County
Ms. Gayle Anderson, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 229-723-3033
Fax: 229-723-4411
P.O. Box 849
111 Court Square, Suite C
Blakely, GA 39823

Click here for Early_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit
Click here for Early County State Court Juror Affidavit

Miller County
Ms. Gail Johnson, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 229-758-4102
Fax: 229-758-6585
P.O. Box 66
155 South First Street, Suite 103
Colquitt, GA 39837

Click here for Miller_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

Quitman County
Ms. Rebecca S. Fendley, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 229-334-2578
Fax: 229-334-3991
P.O. Box 307
111 Main Street, Suite 2
Georgetown, GA 39854

Click here for Quitman_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

Randolph County
Ms. Kay Arnold-Goss, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 855-782-6310, ext. 8
Fax: 229-474-3278
P.O. Box 98
93 Front Street
Cuthbert, GA 39840

Click here for Randolph_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

Seminole County
Ms. Earlene Bramlett, Clerk of Superior Court
Phone: 229-524-2525
Fax: 229-524-8883
P.O. Box 672
200 South Knox Avenue
Donalsonville, GA 39845

Click here for Seminole_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

Terrell County
Ms. Janice S. Bryant
Phone: 229-995-2631
Fax: 229-995-6453
P.O. Box 189
235 East Lee Street
Dawson, GA 39842

Click here for Terrell_Superior Court Juror Excuse Affidavit

***NOTE: Jurors needing to communicate with the Clerk of Superior Court of their County should directly contact said Clerk at the phone number listed above.***

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