Seminole County

Seminole County Courthouse
Seminole County Courthouse

Seminole County, 2020


March 3 – Civil Pre-Trials

April 21 – Civil Trials

CRIMINAL (April term)

April 20 – Grand Jury

May 7 – Arraignments

May 27 – Calendar Call

June 16 – Motions

July 6 – Criminal Trials


August 13 – Civil Pre-Trials

October 20 – Civil Trials

CRIMINAL (October term)

October 19 – Grand Jury

November 5 – Arraignments

November 23 – Calendar Call

December 21 – Motions

January 4 – Criminal Trials

See Home Page for any juror notifications.

You may access the Pataula Circuit Court Calendar under the “Calendar” link.

Do not leave comments, questions or case-specific information in the comment box. You may contact the Clerk of Superior Court at 229-524-2525.

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