Miller County

Miller County Courthouse
Miller County Courthouse


August 2018

August 9 – Revocations
August 20 – Grand Jury
August 21 – Civil Trials

You may direct any questions to the Clerk of Superior Court at 229-758-4102.

You may access the Pataula Circuit Court Calendar under “Links.”

4 thoughts on “Miller County

  1. What’s the next court date for my daughter Jacquelin Stinson Raulerson ( superior or grand jury) Thanks!

    • Ms. Richardson,

      The Miller County Grand Jury meets again on Monday February 19, 2018 at 9:00 AM. I assume your daughter is a defendant. Defendants do not normally appear before the Grand Jury. Their cases do, but the individual does not. Also, if she is a defendant, she should apply for a Public Defender if she has not already done so. With a Lawyer to represent her all those questions can be addressed to her lawyer. If she has a lawyer, then I suggest you contact the lawyer and follow the lawyer’s advice and counsel.
      Otherwise, your daughter will receive written notice at the address the Miller County clerk has from the arrest information and warrant about when and where to appear.
      Arraignment is March 1st
      Calendar Call is March 16th
      Motion day is March 29 and
      Trials are April 9-13
      Again, have your daughter consult with an attorney for further advice.

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